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The following artists have been awarded the prestigious title of Video of the Week (at the Kurtodrome site). Click the name of the song (artists in alphabetical order) and enjoy the video of in the best format we could find. If you have a slower connection, you might want to watch the video in a lower quality (unless you fancy going for a coffee break in the middle of songs). Lower quality versions can be found at the end of the line. Since we like you, we also tell you what media player the song uses: Real (Player), Quicktime (QT) or Windows Media Player (WMP). Enjoy the vids!

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90 Day Men: Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (QT)
90 Day Men: Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (southern) (MPG) (WMP)

Add N to (X): Metal Fingers in my Body (labels) (Real)
Add N to (X): Plug Me In (labels) (Real)
Add N to (X): Revenge of the Black Regent (sputnik7) (Real / WMP)
Add N To (X): Take Me To Your Leader (Real) (MTV Germany)
Adult: In My Nerves (QT)
Aereogramme: Zionist Timing (Real) (matador)
Air: Cherry Blossom Girl (QT)
Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules: Mad World (QT)
Annie: Chewing Gum (QT)
Arab Strap: Cherubs (band) (Real)
Arab Strap: Turbulence (band) (Real)
Asa-Chang & Junray: Tsuginepu To Ittemita (QT) (shift)
The Avalanches: Frontier Psychiatrist (sputnik7) (Real / WMP)
The Arcade Fire: Neighbourhood #3: Power Out (Real) (vpro)
Arctic Monkeys: When The Sun Goes Down (WMP hi) (lo) (domino)
A Visible Boy: Side By Side (astralwerks) (Real hi) (med)
A Visible Boy: Side By Side (astralwerks) (WMP hi) (med)
Avril: Be Yourself (f-communications) (Real)

Basement Jaxx: Romeo (QT)
Bauhaus: She's in parties (Real) (beggars)
Howie Beck: Maybe I Belong (Real) (VPRO)
Belle & Sebastian: Step into my office, baby (Real) (les inrocks)
Belly: Superconnected 4AD (Quicktime)
Beta Band: Squares (sputnik7) (Real / WMP)
Bettie Serveert: Smack (band) (Real)
Black Box Recorder: Child Psychology (sputnik7) (Real / WMP)
Black Box Recorder: The Facts of Life (sputnik7) (Real / WMP)
Black Heart Procession: Did You Wonder? (QT) (southern)
Black Heart Procession: Did You Wonder? (Real hi) (Real lo) (intro)
Blonde Redhead: Equus (YouTube)
Blonde Redhead: Misery (YouTube)
Blue Bob: Thank You Judge (Flash)
Blumfeld: Neuer Morgen (Real) (wea)
Blues Explosion: Burn it off (Real/WMP)
Boss Hog: Get it while you wait (Labels) (Real)
Boss Hog: Whiteout (Labels) (Real)
Boss Hog: Whiteout (boss hog) (QT)
Brassy: Play some D (video-c) (QT)
Broadcast: Papercuts (warp) (Real)
Broken Social Scene: Cause = Time (WMP hi) (lo)
Budoár Staré Dámy: 9 Kvìtna 1945 (Real hi) (Real lo) (budoár staré dámy)
Budoár Staré Dámy: Usnul dub nad stádem hub (Real hi) (Real lo) (budoár staré dámy)
Bugs: About you (Real/WMP) (sputnik 7)
Buscemi: Ramiro's Theme (Labels) (Real)
Butthole Surfers: The Shame of Life (Hollywood Records) (Real)

Cake Like: Lorraine's Car (sputnik7) (Real / WMP)
Calexico: Quattro (vpro) (Real)
Can: Hoolah Hoolah (ckuzay) (Real)
Can: Mushroom (ckuzay) (Real)
Can: Pnoom (ckuzay) (Real)
Johnny Cash: Hurt (QT)
Chicks on Speed: Kaltes Klares Wasser (remix by Malaria) (QT) (monika)
Chicks on Speed: Wordy Rappinghood (Real) (vpro)
The Cinematic Orchestra: The Man With The Movie Camera (video edit) (QT) (video-c)
Cinerex: Shine (vpro) (Real)
Cinerex: Twist & Starts (vpro) (Real)
COEM: Put on some music (WMV) (band)
Coldcut: Re:Volution (sputnik7) (Real / WMP)
Coldcut vs. TV Sheriff: World of Evil (ninja tune) (Real)
Cornershop: Lessons learned from Rocky I to Rocky III (uncensored) (Real) (vpro)
Couch: Alle auf Pause (Real hi) (Real lo) (popzoot)
The Creatures: Godzilla (vpro) (Real)

Daan: Swedish Designer Drugs (QT)
Dandy Warhols: Bohemian Like You (WMP hi) (WMP lo) (dandy warhols)
Dandy Warhols: Bohemian Like You (Real hi) (QT hi) (dandy warhols)
Das Pop: Dreiklangsdimensionen (pias) (Real)
Das Pop: The One (live version) (vpro) (Real)
Death in Vegas (feat. Iggy Pop): Aisha (Real/WMP) (sputnik 7)
Death in Vegas: Dirge (WMP hi) (med / lo) (continorooms)
Death in Vegas: Hands Around My Throat (Real) (les inrocks)
The Decemberists: Sixteen Military Wives (QT)
Etienne de Crécy: Tempovision (Real/WMP) (sputnik 7)
Denali: Hold Your Breath (QT) (label)
Denali: Relief (QT) (label)
Desert Sessions feat. PJ Harvey: Crawl Home (Real) (polydor-island)
dEUS: 7 days 7 weeks (Real) (vpro)
Ani DiFranco: Shy (YouTube)
DJ Shadow: Mashin' on the motorway (popzoot) (Real)
DJ Shadow: Six Days (Real/WMP) (sputnik 7)
The Dresden Dolls: Coin-Operated Boy (WMP hi) (lo) (band)
The Dresden Dolls: Girl Anachronism (Real hi) (lo) (band)

Eagles of Death Metal: I Only Want You (Real) (vpro)
Electric Six: Danger! High Voltage (cissme) (Real)
Alec Empire: Addicted To You (intro) (Real 100k) (56k)
Enon: Carboration (QT)
Enon: In This City (Real/WMP) (sputnik 7)
Evil Superstars: B.A.B.Y. (WMP) (mauroworld)
Evil Superstars: It's a sad sad planet (WMP) (mauroworld)

The Faint: Agenda Suicide (Real) (VPRO)
The Fall: Cruisers Creek (beggars) (Real)
Fisherspooner: Emerge (QT) ( small / large) (band)
The Flaming Lips: Do You Realize? (WMP 450k) (56k / 100k) (warnerreprise)
Four Tet: As serious as your life (QT) (domino)
Franz Ferdinand: A day in a life of Franz Ferdinand on tour (vpro) (Real)
Franz Ferdinand: The dark of the matinee (vpro) (Real)
Franz Ferdinand: Darts of Pleasure (vpro) (Real)
Franz Ferdinand: Michael (nme) (Real)
Franz Ferdinand: Take Me Out (vpro) (Real)
Franz Ferdinand: This Fire (domino) (Real)
Adam Freeland: We Want Your Soul (QT)

Garbage: Androgyny (garbage) (Real)
Garbage: Push It (garbage) (Real)
Ghinzu: Do You Read Me? (vpro)
Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man: Mysteries (Real) (ua cnd)
Girls Against Boys: Basstation (QT) (label)
Crispin Glover: Ben (QT 300k) (QT 100k) (willard)
Gonzales: Take me to Broadway (vpro) (Real)
Gonzales: The Worst MC (Real hi) (Real lo) (popzoot)
Gorillaz: Clint Eastwood (vpro) (Real)
Guided By Voices: Bulldog Skin (matador) (Real)
Guided By Voices: Everywhere With Helicopter (vpro) (Real)

The Halo Benders: Don't Touch My Bikini (QT) (krecs)
Le Hammond Inferno: Easy Leasing Superstar (Labels) (Real)
PJ Harvey: A Place Called Home (pj harvey) (Real hi) (low)
Maximilian Hecker: Help Me (QT)
Maximilian Hecker: Polyester (Real hi) (Real lo) (popzoot)
Helium: Leon's Space Song (sputnik7) (Real / WMP)

Interpol: Evil (Real) (WMP) (matador)
Interpol: Obstacle 1 (Real) (matador)
Ken Ishii: Extra (Real/WMP)

Jeans Team: Keine Melodien (Real) (popzoot)
Daniel Johnston: True Love Will Find You In The End (Flash)

Kaada: No you don't (QT)
Kaizers Orchestra: Gypsy Finale (Live at Pinkpop 2004) (VPRO) (Real)
Kashmir: Surfing The Warm Industry (QT/WMP)
The Kills: The Good Ones (Real) (vpro)
The Kills: The Good Ones (Flash)
The Kills: Wait (Real)
Kings of Convenience: Failure (VPRO) (Real)
Kings of Convenience: Toxic Girl (vpro) (Real)
Suguru Kusumi: Vinyl Thing (QT)

Ladytron: Playgirl (vpro) (Real)
Ladytron: Seventeen (QT hi) (med / lo) (ladytron)
Lali Puna: Microscopic (QT hi) (lo) (morrmusic)
Lali Puna: Microscopic (Real hi) (lo) (morrmusic)
Laub: Wortspur (intro) (Real)
LCD Soundsystem: Daft Punk is playing at my house (QT hi / lo) (virgin)
LCD Soundsystem: Movement (WMP hi / lo) (virgin)
LCD Soundsystem: Tribulations (QT hi / lo)
Lemon Jelly: Nice weather for ducks (Real/WMP) (sputnik 7)
Lemon Jelly: Space Walk (Real hi) (Real lo) (xl-recordings)
Les Rythmes Digitales: Sometimes (Real/WMP) (sputnik 7)
Le Tigre: Deceptacon (QT)
Le Tigre: New Kicks (band)
Jeffrey Lewis: The Chelsea Hotel Sex Song (vpro) (Real)
LFO: Freak (inrocks) (Real)
Lodger: I Love Death (Flash) (band)
Bob Log III: Boob scotch (vpro) (Real)
Courtney Love: Mono (Real) (WMP)
Lunascape: Sequoia (Real)
Lush: Lady Killers (Real hi / lo) (4AD)
Liam Lynch: United States of Whatever (BBC Radio 1) (Real)

M83: Don't Save Us From The Flames (Real) (labels)
Magnapop: Open The Door (QT)
Magnus: Jumpneedle (anti) (Real)
Stephen Malkmus: Alien Boy (live at the Bowery) (matador) (Real)
Stephen Malkmus: Phantasies (live at the Bowery) (matador) (Real)
Clint Mansell: Pi r² (clint mansell) (Real)
Massive Attack: Special cases (version 1) (vpro) (Real)
Melys: I Don't Believe in You (live in Club Lek) (Real)
M.I.A.: Bucky Done Gun (Real) (a href="">(xl)
Millionaire: Champagne (pias) (WMP)
Millionaire: Come With You (pias) (Real)
Mintzkov Luna: Mimosa (QT)
Moby: Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (labels) (Real)
Modest Mouse: Float on (Real) (WMP hi / WMP lo) (sony)
Moldy Peaches: Lucky Number 9 (punkcast) (Real)
Moloko: Familiar Feeling (WMP hi) (WMP lo) (band)
Mondo Fumatore: Skeleton Town (QT) (popzoot)
Mouse On Mars: Actionist Respoke (intro) (Real)
Moxie: Every Morning (QT)
Moxie: I.C.U. (QT)
Mu: Paris Hilton (Real) (vpro)
The Muppets: Mahna Mahna (QT)

The New Pornographers: The Laws Have Changed (Real hi) (lo)(matador)
The New Pornographers: Letter From An Occupant (mint records) (Real)
The New Pornographers: The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism (mint records) (Real)
The New Pornographers: Use It (Real) (WMP)(matador)
Joanna Newsom: Sprout and the Bean (QT)
Nora: I Should've Sent Flowers (QT)
Stina Nordenstam: So Lee (Stina site) (Real)
Stina Nordenstam: So Lee (Stina site) (WMP)
Tujiko Noriko: Fly (mego) (QT)
The Notwist: Chemicals (notwist) (QT)
The Notwist: Pick Up The Phone (labels) (Real)
The Notwist: Pilot (notwist) (QT)

Raz Ohara: Reality (Real) (popzoot)

Peaches feat. Gonzales: Red Leather (Real hi) (Real lo) (popzoot)
Penthouse: Voyeur's Blues (Rolling Stone) (WMP)
Le Peuple de l'Herbe: No Escape (Real) (pias)
Pitchtuner: Balmy Fraction (Real) (vpro)
The Postal Service: Such Great Heights (Blastro) (Real)
The Postal Service: The District Sleeps Alone (sputnik 7) (WMP/Real)
The Postal Service: We Become Silhouettes (vpro) (Real)
Pram: Sleepy Sweet (Real) (domino)
Pretty Girls Make Graves: All Medicated Geniuses (Real) (matador)
Pretty Girls Make Graves: This Is Our Emergency (Real) (nme)
Primal Scream feat. Kate Moss: Some Velvet Morning (Real) (nme)

Queens of the Stone Age: The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret (QotSA) (Real)

The Raveonettes: Attack of the Ghost Riders (band) (Real)
The Raveonettes: That Great Love Sound (band) (Real)
The Raveonettes: That Great Love Sound (band) (QT)
Gabriel Rios: Ghostboy (Real) (vpro)
Gabriel Rios: Broad Daylight (Real) (vpro)
Gabriel Rios: Unrock (Real) (vpro)
The Roots feat. Cody Chestnutt: The Seed (Real hi) (Real lo) (okayplayer)
Röyksopp: Eple (Real) (VPRO)
Royksöpp: Poor Leno (Real) (VPRO)
Röyksopp: Remind Me (Real) (VPRO)
Rumplestitchkin: Voodoosmile (WMP) (band)

Sahara Hotnights: Drive Dead Slow (sahara hotnights) (WMP)
Sahara Hotnights: On Top of Your World (sahara hotnights) (WMP)
Charles Schillings: Spin it right (Real) (pschent)
Charles Schillings: Spin it right (QT) (pschent)
Neil Sedaka: Calender Girl (QT) (scopitones)
Seedling: Every Match Must Crash And Burn (live in Club Lek) (Real)
Sharko: I Went Down (sharko) (QT)
Sharko: Spotlite (QT)
Shocking Blue: Never Marry A Railroad Man (YouTube)
Shocking Blue: Venus (YouTube)
S.I. Futures: We are not a rock band (sputnik 7) (WMP/Real)
Simian: The Wisp (sputnik 7) (WMP/Real)
Nancy Sinatra: These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (QT) (scopitones)
Six by Seven: I.O.U. Love (Mantra) (Real)
Six By Seven: July, August & Winter (Mantra) (Real)
Six by Seven: New Year (Mantra) (Real)
Slam: Positive Education (Real) (VPRO)
Sleater Kinney: You're no rock'n'roll fun (sputnik7) (Real / WMP)
Slo-Mo: Death of a Raver (Flash)
Frida Snell: Lucky Day (stockholm records) (Real hi) (low)
Soldout: I Can't Wait (QT)
Solex: Comely Row (matador) (Real)
Solex: Honkey Donkey (vpro) (Real)
Solex: Solex All Lickety Split (matador) (Real)
Solex: Athens, OH (matador) (Real)
Sonic Youth: 100% (Real) (band)
Sonic Youth: Bull in the Heather (Real) (band)
Sonic Youth: Kool Thing (Real) (band)
Sons and Daughters: (Real hi / lo) (band)
Sons and Daughters: Johnny Cash (Real) (vpro)
Sophia: Oh My Love (QT)
Soulwax: Any Minute Now (QT)
Soulwax: Any Minute Now (WMP) (pias)
Soulwax: Conversation Intercom (soulwax) (Real)
Soulwax: E Talking (vpro) (Real)
Soulwax: Much Against Everyone's Advice (soulwax) (Real)
Soulwax: NY Excuse (WMP) (pias)
Soulwax: Too Many DJs (soulwax) (Real)
Soulwax: When Logics Die (soulwax) (Real)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: She Said (Labels) (Real)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Talk about the blues (matador) (Real)
Spillsbury: Die Wahrheit (QT hi) (QT lo) (lado)
Spillsbury: Die Wahrheit (Real) (lado)
Spinvis: Astronaut (vpro) (Real)
Spinvis: Bagagedrager (vpro) (Real)
Spinvis: Smalfilm (vpro) (Real)
Spinvis: Vóór ik vergeet (vpro) (Real)
The Spirit That Guides Us: Real Life Motion Picture (vpro) (Real)
Spitting off Tall Buildings: Gotta Hey (WMV) (band)
Spitting off Tall Buildings: You Want Some (WMV) (band)
Spoon: I Turn My Camera On (Real) (matador)
Spoon: I Turn My Camera On (WMP) (matador)
Stars: Ageless Beauty (Much Music) (Real)
Starlight Mints: Popsickle (sputnik7) (Real / WMP)
Stereolab: The Free Design (YouTube)
Stereolab: Miss Modular (elektra) (Real)
Stereolab: The Noise of Carpet (YouTube)
Stereolab: Ping Pong (sputnik7) (Real / WMP)
Stereolab: Wow and Flutter (YouTube)
Stereo Total: L'amour à trois (Labels) (Real)
Stereo Total: Schön von Hinten (risiko100) (Real)
Stereo Total: Wir tanzen im 4-Eck (vpro) (Real)
Stijn: G Daddy (vpro) (Real)
Stijn: Wiezeddegij (Live in Club 3VOOR12) (vpro) (Real)
The Streets: Blinded by the lights (WMP hi) ((lo)) (site)
The Streets: Fit But You Know It (tiskali) (Real)
Supergrass: Mary (Real) (band)

Tarwater: Tesla (Real) (popzoot)
Telepopmusik: Love Can Damage Your Health (telepopmusik) (Real hi) (lo)
Telepopmusik: Love Can Damage Your Health (telepopmusik) (WMP) (lo)
Jimi Tenor: Black Hole (Real hi) (Real lo) (intro)
Thou: I Won't Go To Nashville (lovo) (QT hi) (lo)
Thou: Slow Down (VPRO) (Real)
Thou: Slow Down (monsardi) (WMP)
Throwing Muses: Counting Backwards 4AD (QT)
Timesbold: Fine Time (performed live for VPRO) (Real)
Tindersticks (video by Martin Wallace): The Art of Love Making (Real hi) (lo) (beggars)
Tocotronic: This Boy is Tocotronic (lado) (QT)
Tocotronic: This Boy is Tocotronic (intro) (Real)
Tom Tom Club: Wordy Rappinghood (Real) (band)
Emiliana Torrini: Dead Things ( (Real)
Emiliana Torrini: To Be Free ( (QT)
Turin Brakes: Painkiller (vpro) (Real)
Turin Brakes: The Door (vpro) (Real)
TV on the Radio: Staring At The Sun (Real) (4ad)

Under Byen: Plantage (Flash)
Under Byen: Legesag (live in Club 3voor12) (vpro) (Real)
UNKLE: An Eye For An Eye (Real) (intro)

Sven Väth: Fusion (Labels) (Real)
The Velvet Underground: I Heard Her Call My Name (Live MCMXCIII) (Real) (rhino)
Viva Voce: Alive With Pleasure (QT) (label)
Vive La Fête: Je Suis Là (live) (vpro) (Real)
Vive La Fête: Tokyo (band) (WMP)
Vive La Fête: Touche Pas (band) (WMP)

Tom Waits: God's away on business (epitaph) (Real hi) (lo)
Whirlwind Heat: Purple (Real) (xl)
The White Stripes: Blue Orchid (Real) (xl)
The White Stripes: Fell for a girl (Real) (vpro)
The White Stripes: Seven Nation Army (Real hi) (lo) (xl)
Patrick Wolf: The Libertine (Real hi) (Real lo) (playlouder)
Patrick Wolf: Paris (live at London Calling) (vpro) (Real)
Patrick Wolf: To The Lighthouse (QT)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Date With The Night (Real/WMP) (sputnik 7)

Zoot Woman: It's Automatic (Real) (VPRO)

R.I.P... The following tracks were broken for some time and been taken off the list:
The Muppets: Mahna mahna
Chicks on Speed: We Don't Play Guitars
Das Pop: The One
Dead Man Ray: Landslide
Hooverphonic: Mad About You
Six By Seven: For You
Violet Indiana: Killer Eyes
Hawksley Workman: Jealous of your Cigarette
Pulp: Bad Cover Version
Radiohead: I Might Be Wrong / Just
New Order: Blue Monday
Melys: Protect and survive
Marc Moulin: Organ
Hefner: I took her love for granted
Bis: Eurodisco
Tori Amos: Professional Widow / Strange Little Girl
Emiliana Torrini: Unemployed in Summertime
Shea Seger: Clutch
dEUS: all their videos
Suede: Saturday Night
Ash: Numbskull (uncensored)
Bomb The Bass / Lali Puna: Clear Cut
We will miss them.

We know you can't always play all the videos. Some are down because of maintenance and some are permanently removed. When we're sure they're permanently gone, we'll remove them off this list. The links go straight to the video: if you feel this abuses your copyright, we'd like it if you'd mail this to us. The video will then be taken off the site. Hatemail from companies is not considered professional: we are in it for the benefit of the bands, not for the money.