Who is Kurtodrome?
Kurtodrome is Kurt, once nicknamed "Brad Pitt" and once described as "the uglier brother of Jarvis Cocker". If that means anything to you, please explain it to us (we still have no clue).

Why is it called Kurtodrome?
It originally started as e-mails with movie reviews. Cult movies, if you like, in the tradition of the BBC show Moviedrome. Never forgetting its roots the Kurtodrome still has movie reviews, an e-mail service and even a page dedicated to the mothership Moviedrome.

Who’s on those pictures you change every week?
The site is dedicated to Jennifer Jason Leigh, so obviously there’s lots of pictures of her. You'll often see pictures from the so-called Kurtodromettes, women you'll frequently see on the site. Currently they're Alicia Witt, Nicoletta Elmi and Peggy Cummins. Previous Kurtodromettes were actress Virginie Ledoyen (1999-2001) and singer Emiliana Torrini (2001) and then there’s the list of all those who've been the face of the site for one or two weeks.

Which list?
Eliza Dushku (still to be seen on the Links page), Elizabeth "Solex" Esselink, Toby Amies, Fiona Apple, Rebecka Liljeberg, Thora Birch, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Peter Verhelst, Gene Tierney, Britney Spears (just to annoy you), David Duchovny, Asia Argento, Diana Rigg (as Emma Peel), Sally Phillips, Christina Ricci, Ayco Duyster, Cristina Martinez, Geneviève Bujold, Anna Paquin, PJ Harvey, Émilie Dequenne, Ani DiFranco, Bill Pullman, Fay Wray, Hal Hartley, Jane Greer, Cathérine Deneuve and Ladytron.