More of that living room

Okay, I'll admit it: for someone with a big video collection, my tv is rather small. It's still my first tv, bought in 1986. It's getting a bit old, but since we go back so many years, I feel bad about throwing it away. And in case you got worried, I do have more cds than that. On all these pictures you'll only see one fifth of my collection.

Don't look at the mess on the table (picture above) or on the ground (picture below): these pictures were taking while I was correcting and preparing exams. This next picture is the only one that shows which colour my floors are. Bless it!

The sofa that looks a bit uncomfortable, is actually quite uncomfortable. Same story: I got it from my grandmother when I became an adult (Belgium: 18 y.) and it travelled with me from my parents' place via Brussels over some of the places in Antwerp to this apartment. It'll be moved to another room as soon as I find a decent couch.

The same goes for the posters. In the place I used to live, the walls were full of posters. The only reason these walls are still quite empty - apart from laziness - is that there's still a lot of furniture to be bought and I'm still deciding what'll go where. Speaking of posters, I'm sure you want a better look at the one already hanging in my living room. Everyone's fascinated by it.

Also, say 'hello' to the computer. It's probably because of that thing you got to know me. Not the most beautiful computer desk in the world, but extremely handy.

I forgot to take some pictures. I didn't take one of the bathroom (so construct a room with tiles, a sink and a bath), the toilet (not the most photographed item, unless it's in the bathroom) and the two doors leading to the kitchen and the bedroom for guests (annex archive room). So I asked a team of top architects to draw a picture of that part of the house. And this is it.

Devastating, I'm sure you'll agree. That picture of the table is used so you can guess the location of the two doors. I'll show you the kitchen first, if you don't mind.