The Second Bedroom

Destined to become the guest's room one day (the day I'll have my own big bed), for now I'm a permanent guest in my own apartment.

Old bed, old bedside table and a radio I inherited from my grandmother. I just had to have it. It looks like it came from Poland somewhere in the eighties, but it works miraculously well. If you want a closer look at the Hal Hartley posters hanging above my bed, click here.

Now if you turn 90 to your right, you'll see more posters and a bit of my bookcase.

Three original posters. My Naked Tango poster is torn because of that junkie burglar who visited one of my older places in 1996. He lived in the house, but we couldn't prove a thing. (Juicy details on the place and how we ripped off the corrupt landlady on demand!). This is just a selection of my books. Books are quite heavy, so I only bring one to three per week from my parents' place. Click the picture to see the bookcase (and Heaven poster) from another angle.

In case you were wondering... yeah, that's a shower curtain in front of the window, but really, if I wouldn't tell you, you probably wouldn't have noticed. I don't really feel the need to show my neighbours when I'm sleeping. If you look closely to the picture above, you'll see another window in the window. Yes? That's my other bedroom.

The tiny balcony is of not much use, but you can see it anyway on the next picture. Which of course gloryfies my video collection. I don't really love videos more than music or books, it's just they need more space.

Want a closer look at the videos?

That's it. Let's get back to the hallway and thanks for dropping by. Unless you want to hang around for a while.