Watching Mystery Train meant a Friday night full of cult series and films. Every week you could see an episode of Kolchak the Night Stalker, a short movie and a feature cult movie. The show was hosted by Richard O’Brien and ran from October 11 1991 till December 13 of that same year. (The remaining episodes of Kolchak were shown in 1992 after that other cult program, Moviedrome.)
Maybe you wonder why we dedicate a page to this eight-week series? Well, because somehow everybody who watched it all those years ago, still remembers the show. That alone should be enough for it to deserve a page, but never underestimate the factor of the movies. Delicious 50s sci-fi, the only genre to be the best ànd the worst of its decade at the same time.
This is what you watched/missed in the autumn of 1991:

Oct 11:
The Night Stalker: “The Werewolf”
He was once (bizarre tale of a boy, a bear and an ear)
Film: Attack of the 50ft Woman

Oct 18:
The Night Stalker: "The Spanish Moss Murders"
Film: Earth vs. the Spider
Aeon Flux (animation series for MTV)

Oct 25:
The Night Stalker: “The Zombie”
Film: I Was A Teenage Werewolf
Winter Steele

Nov 1:
The Night Stalker: “The Vampire”
The Invisible Hands (animation)
Film: The Cool and the Crazy

Nov 8:
The Night Stalker
25 Ways to Quit Smoking (animation from Plymp)
Film: Invasion of the Saucer Men

Nov 15:
The Night Stalker: “The Energy Eater”
Dimensions of Dialogue (animation by Jan Svänkmayer)
Film: Dragstrip Girl

Nov 22:
The Night Stalker
An Inside Job (a visit to the dentist’s)
Film: The Brain Eaters

Nov 29:
The Night Stalker: “Firefall”
The Saga of the Clay People (bizarre French short)
Film: The Undead

Dec 6:
The Night Stalker: “The Devil’s Platform”
Harpya (a man falls in love with a witch)
Film: The She-Creature

Dec 13:
The Night Stalker: “Sentry”
Film: The Day the World Ended
La Porte Plume (a droodle comes alive)