Usually reviews in Cinema Kurtodrome are embellished with one or two pictures, from the movie in question, but not this time as there simply isn't any information on The Antwerp Killer. Not many people have a copy of the film and you don't find it in most videostores. And if you're looking for a good movie, then that's something you won't regret. However, if you wanted to see one of the worst movies ever, then you might find it a shame The Antwerp Killer isn't more widely available.

To give you a clue of what you're missing:
* The movie opens with a girl who's stabbed by the killer. As the girl isn't really stabbed (it would be a stretch to call her 'actress'), fake blood is necessary for this scene. This is hidden in a small bag under her blouse and we see her press on her stomach to get the blood out of the bag. And what about the blood dripping out of her mouth? Oh, no problem, the 'actress' will just turn her head to the camera so we can enjoy the fake blood more.
* In the second scene the young man who discovered the body is arrested for doing something highly suspicious: apparently the people of Antwerp weren't allowed to "walk in dark streets" at night. See, movies always teach you something.
* Especially if the movies have scenes from news bulletins. Because this movie is evidently no-budget, this scene had to be faked and instead we can watch the heroine watch the news. The camera is placed behind the tv and all we see is her watching the news. All we hear is an actor pretending to be a news journalist. But how can this same actor pretend to be the correspondent too? Very easily, by pinching his nose while he's speaking. The effect is staggering and so are the facts: the murdered girl in the news bulletin appears to be 22 in the beginning of the bulletin and 24 at the end. Did anyone ever check the script, I wonder.
* To protect her from the Antwerp Killer, the police decide to lock up our heroine in jail for a few nights. She doesn't like the idea and starts running, which leads to possibly the only movie chase inside a police building. That's right, she runs around chairs and tables. Exciting is an understatement.

There are plenty of horrible but laughable scenes left in this movie, even if it only lasts 51 minutes. I'll leave you with one scene, one I'm even able to show you because I taped it from tv. So sorry about the quality, but that's nothing that bothered the people who made this film either.
Before we get to this scene, the police officer is talking to his superior and asks if he'd heard about the tip. Apparently mobsters were going to sell drugs at the quay. Was the officer informed by underground connections? Nope, he read it on page 1 of the paper. Oh, the good old times when newspapers still told you where mobsters would meet!
The next scene (and the one you'll see) is set at the quays. You'll see how something goes wrong with the transaction and how smooth mobsters are at pulling their guns. It's only one minute of The Antwerp Killer, but enjoy it nonetheless. (Click the picture to watch the scene in WMP format.)